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宇宙戦隊員、行くぞ! [entries|friends|calendar]
Uchuu Sentai NOIZ

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T-Shirt Sales [10 Jun 2013|11:53pm]

so much more!
Click Here
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G-Anime Goers [05 Oct 2012|01:58pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

Hello~ I plan on attending their live in Canada in January, and I was thinking that I want to meet more NOIZ fan's from all over the world!~

So if anyone here has an interest I would like to do a meet up at the concert!

Planning to bring a banner and having everyone sign it :3

So message me or something so we can all enjoy this amazing live together!!!

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New Video "Cloud9" From METEORS Album [24 Sep 2012|01:03pm]

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Almost here! [18 Sep 2012|11:35pm]

Teaser video for the new album, METEORS, which hits stores on 9/26!!

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LIVE IN CANADA! :D [23 Aug 2012|11:00pm]

G-Anime is very happy to announce that NOIZ will be coming to Canada in January!

So like.... YOU ALL MUST GO. >:B

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Live Report 8/10 [12 Aug 2012|11:23pm]

I scurried over to NOIZ's live on Friday. Lucky for me they were encouraging photos, film, and uploading so I crammed this together for you guys on youtube.

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Selling Kotaro cosplay! [15 Jul 2012|05:25pm]

Forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong place, I only use livejournal to check out this one page and I have no idea how else to navigate ._. .

I'm selling my Kotaro cosplay, which is the first outfit he wore for NOIZ when he joined.
I had it made for me years ago and I need to clean out my closet.
It's made with mostly PVC, just like Kotaro's was, and this selling is for the jacket, shirt with suspenders, legwarmers, ascot (the neck thingie) the arm warmers, and the jacket also comes with the cape (detachable). Will fit just about anybody, it was made with a lot of room. Pictures of the leg warmers were pulled back behind the leg, so they're bigger than they look too.
What this listing does not include: the shorts (made too tight, even for me)and the white tights. There are some flaws in it seeing as my commissioner rushed it so it's not in perfect shape, but it is clean. One harness fell off the leg warmer, but can be easily stitched or glued back on.

Asking price: $75 + shipping but willing to haggle.

(again, sorry if this post is formatted wrong or in the wrong place, I'm not used to using livejournal)

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Live report! [25 Jun 2012|03:15pm]

Hey hey long time no entry!

I went to go check NOIZ out at O-EAST in Shibuya for their HIVE FIVE tour final last night! It was pretty bitchin'. Due to my work schedule, it's hard for me to catch lives as much as I used to and I was REALLY wondering if I should spend my day going to see NOIZ, and ended up buying a ticket the night before the live.

I am SO GLAD I did. Here is why:

For those of you who have seen NOIZ live; remember that feeling of excitement you got when you first saw them live? Remember how you just couldn't stop grinning at their antics?

Yeah. I think NOIZ is something super special to be able to give me that feeling EVERY TIME they perform for the past eight years.

Okay, let's get to details. It was a oneman and there were maybe 200ish people there, so while it wasn't crowded for O-EAST, it was still a respectable amount; made me glad to see. I stood in the very back because I didn't feel like moshing through the whole live. Well, initially. As soon as they started playing I couldn't stop myself from dancing.

I don't remember the set list exactly, but it was a mish mash of tracks from GENOM EMOTION, IMP, and HIGH FIVE. I was a little sad that they didn't play any older songs. They oldest song they played was FLASHBACK FLAG (I was secretly hoping to throw down it Igni+ion), but that's cool. The highlight for me was DEFINITELY when they played AMY. Yeah, it's like a 7+ min song but I love it to death and it was great to see live. No one does any furi for Amy so I was flopping around like a tard face in the back all by myself when they played it. Oh well.

The Yamato Music Challenge was pretty hilarious. They played a film on the monitors of Yamato and Kotaro being super successful hosts who are about to make love confessions to each other, get into a fight, chase each other around until they bump into Kyo and Masato who play yakuza. Kyo plants a broken watch on them, then Kyo and Masato beat them up while screaming "THAT WATCH WAS 150,000 yen!!!" They get beat up, Yamato proposes to Kotaro, then Kotaro's all like "I WANTED PROPOSE FIRST," then out of nowhere Angel shows up and starts doing weird ass dances and basically plays the role of fairy godfather, then tells them to go fulfill their destinies at O-EAST. I lolled pretty hard.

As usual...

Angel-Taka was very much himself. Energetic as hell, almost frighteningly so. Trademark of his like 150% SUGAR DIET. It was really touching though when at the MC he said he physically felt like crap but in spite of that his heart was thriving. <3

Masato was super huge creepy robot cool. You know, when he starts to smile and then it just drops from his face because he gets engaged in something else. You know, Maa-BOT. Even the crotch grabbing was on par to usual.

Kyo was screaming like a yankee as always YAAAAAAY. He had multicolored dreads in and referred to himself as "Pretty Kyo." (Puri-Kyo!!!) Grinning like a creeper and hopping up and down a lot in addition to his yankee shouted diatribes. I still find it a little hard to catch what he's saying when he screams like that, lol.

Yamato and Kotaro also killed it; they're really starting to grow on me.

Some announcements!!!!

NOIZ will be doing a TOUR IN THE PHILLIPINES in October. Davao and Manila, I believe. 4+ shows!!

NEW ALBUM, METEORS, drops on September 26th!!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! :D

-Ren (comm. maintainer)
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Selling a few NOIZ shirts and DVDs. [18 Jun 2012|06:37pm]

Hay guys. I have a couple of NOIZ tour DVDs and t-shirts I would like to clear out. If you have any NOIZ shirts in sizes S or M, please let me know! shirts and DVDs.Collapse )
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-ZEROdb Project [02 Jan 2012|12:29pm]

YES, I know this isn't CURRENT Uchuu Sentai, but dammit, TAKEswiy and S@TT-ON still matter on this community and I can post whatever I want since I created this community. :P

Hey -ZEROdb crowd!

If you don't know by now, -ZEROdb is breaking up and their last live will be on 1/28. Their 2nd anniversary. The reason for breaking up is that Marsall is sick and has decided to stay with his family and the rest of the members decided together that if one member is missing it just wouldn't be the same band. Hiroki's illness (he was diagnosed with Graves' Disease earlier in 2011 and is undergoing treatment, so far the treatment has been very successful) has also been cited as a slight problem (they say they don't want fans to be worried about his health (shinpai kakeru culture).

From here on out:

Hiroki will continue to be an active musician. He has stated that although he might form a unit, -ZEROdb will be his last "band."

S@TT-ON will continue drumming, although it is not clear which direction he will take yet.

TAKEswiy intends to "retire from the stage," and stop doing performances, but the wording was not clear if he's still going to be a studio musician or not.

Marsall, for the time being is going to rest at his home. The time frame is also not clear.

Why I'm making this post:

I thought it might be nice to compile a sort of "Thank you," from the international -ZEROdb fans and present it to them online on youtube shortly before their last live. As far as I know, I really think there are more international fans than the band is actually aware of and I want to let them know how much they are loved by us.

I'm going to compile everything sent into a video and post it up to youtube for them to see.

Please send anything that can be put into a video, whether it be a message to them from YOU (like a recording of yourself telling them how much you appreciate them, etc), a clip of you singing one of their songs, fanart, really....ANYTHING.

Feel free to do it in Japanese, English (I will subtitle it in Japanese for you), or your native language (but please include an English key so I can put Japanese subtitles on it).

If you would like to contribute and have any questions please contact me at:

supaaren AT hotmail DOT com


Message me on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/milkjamjuice

Ideally I'd like to collect all of the material by January 23rd 2012 so I can compile it and it get it up by the 27th.

Thanks everyone!

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New NOIZ vid! [26 Dec 2011|01:54am]

NOIZ posted a video of them going to the Philippines donating toothbrushes!

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[26 Nov 2011|01:45am]

Hello everyone! this is my first time posting to this community, and I just wondering if anyone else on here is planning on attending the Uchuu Sentai NOIZ concert on January 3rd 2012 at Takadanobaba Club Phase?

Or does anyone here know how the venue is if you have been there before? x3

Thank you, and you can delete this if its not allowed~
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NOIZ cosplay! [22 Aug 2011|02:50pm]

I saw some people posted their NOIZ cosplay, so I thought I'd share mine I did a year ago with a good friend of mine! She was Yamato, and I was Kotaro.

Us attempting the "kamehameha" XD
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BAD MUSIC FREAKS cosplay [18 Aug 2011|12:22pm]

So for the convention UppCon:XI in Sweden we cosplayed NOIZ.. :D
Unfortunately our MASATO bailed but we had lots of fun anyway.
under the cutCollapse )
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DS 2006 Concert DVD box set [18 Aug 2011|02:39am]

Photos and detailsCollapse )
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[09 Jun 2011|12:54am]

NOIZ's new album is now available on itunes as of today ☆ Just type in "uchusentainoiz" all together to have the right results!

It is also available on Brand X!

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Album 「I.M.P」 Presale SHOPPING SERVICE [20 Apr 2011|12:14pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey guys /o/

This is really, really short notice, but since I'll be attending their live on 4/21 where they will hold an exclusive presale of their new album 「I.M.P」, I thought of offering a shopping service for all of you who cannot wait till June! :D
Two hours ago, the newsletter came in, saying the album will cost 2500 Yen including tax.

I accept payment in JAPANESE YEN via PayPal only.

I charge 375Yen commission (15%) for each item, so it'll be 2875Yen for you.
+ shipping from Japan to your home

+ PayPal fee [3,9% + 40Yen] (if you can't send the money via gift option)

So, if you're interested, just leave a comment here or send me a PM!
Payment deadline is April 21, 10am Japanese Standard Time.

Go over here to see my feedback: Here.

Thanks for looking & have a nice day! :D

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[12 Apr 2011|09:17am]


MAJI-MAJI-MAJESTIC ☆ but does that mean it will only be on sale at o-east?


limited release at o-east. regular sale in early june /o/.
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Also, new rule. [21 Feb 2011|01:02am]

New Rule for this community.

Please make only ONE post if you are selling something.

Repeat posts and posts written differently but selling the same contents will deleted on sight.
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Live Photos! \o/ [20 Feb 2011|07:17pm]

I hope this is okay to post!

I wanted to share some of the photos I managed to snap before I got scolded by security at the Kawasaki live on Thursday.

japan 158

They didn't catch me until after NOIZ's set was over haha ._.Collapse )
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